Our Mission

We Attract New Customers Everyday By Servicing Our Existing Customers Exceptionally Well

We provide a cleaner working environment, improve inspection ratings and most importantly, we provide a safer and healthier environment for staff and customers. We continue to support our existing customers and help new customers establish and maintain a fire-safe and cleaner working environment at a cost-effective price. We understand the importance of properly maintained buildings and equipment and what it means to our customers. This is what has made us one of the most qualified and respected companies within our industry.

Company Strategy

We have a strategy that makes us different from our competitors.

  • We have maintained an outstanding reputation for over 30 years.
  • We self-perform in most areas.
  • Clients can expect the job to be done right every time.
  • We work to ensure that we understand that needs and concerns of our customers.
  • We pride ourselves in delivering high quality services, not just “a sticker for the hood”.
  • Out service goes way beyond the typically hood cleaning.
  • Every job is followed up with quality control contact and periodic site inspections.

Cost Savings Strategies

We understand that our clients are always looking for areas where cost savings can be attained. We work together with you to make sure that all our services are cost effective and that we are always looking for other ways to minimize the expense of your program by bundling services.

  • Inspecting and replacing fan belts.
  • Inspecting mechanical equipment and roof surfaces.
  • Installing hinge kits for exhaust equipment.
  • Installing access doors.
  • Installing grease containment systems.
  • Power washing services.

The benefits, both in time and cost, to our clients.

  • Peace of mind work is being done correctly.
  • Prevent down time and lost revenue due to premature equipment repairs.
  • Improve full field, health, and fire and safety inspection ratings.
  • Increase life expectancy of equipment.
  • One provider, one call!

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