Quality Assurance Program

Coastal's Quality Assurance Program

Our success model is the consistent delivery of high quality service to our customers. Coastal has created an organizational structure designed to promote individual excellence and innovation, encourage responsible decision making and ensure an equitable balance of authority and accountability. The emphasis has been focused on cultivating a working environment with common objectives, each understanding the organization's goals and expectations and their role in achieving them. Our key people are included as part of our planning process, their ideas are actively sought, considered and used when appropriate. With this approach everyone wins, the customer, employees and the Company. Every one of our jobs is personally guaranteed by our service professionals to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Site inspects are made periodicly by our Field Operations Managers to guarantee our services meet the requirements of our customers and state and federal agencies. Maintaining a safe and hazard-free work environment is high on our priority list.

Our field people participate in a monthly bonus program that is based on performance and quality control. The region with the highest score earns the highest bonus. This keeps everyone striving for the same common goals.

Photos Are Documented To Guarantee Complete Customer Satisfaction

NOTE: The following before and after photos are the copyrighted property of Coastal Enviro-Solutions, Inc.  Any use of these photos without the express written consent of Coastal Enviro-Solutions, Inc. if forbidden and is in violation of United States copyright laws.   





Why Photos Are Required: The above photos were taken at locations during the start of our service. These were jobs that were  cleaned 30 to 90 days prior to taking the photos by a non-qualified contractor. Sections of a hood exhaust system can easily be overlooked or missed if you choose the wrong contractor. This is why before and after photos and periodic inspections are so important. Coastal provides Before and After photos to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. It's simple, when booking service with Coastal provide us with your email address and photos will be sent to you within a few days following your service.

A Few Tips That Will Keep Your Contractor Honest: Ask your contractor to review the work being done, request before and after photos, always inspect the internal duct system and rooftop equipment after each cleaning. These are areas that your contractor would never expect you to look.  If you are not satisfied with the work done call your contractor immediately. If a hood exhaust system is not cleaned properly it can cause premature equipment failure and worse, a grease fire.   



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